Philosophy and the Crisis of Security

  • Ansuman Khataniar


A global pandemic caused by Covid – 19 (and its attendant economic slowdown) has created a new crisis
of security. An age of distraction has been transformed to an age of devastation. We have conceptual
tools, scientific methods, technical know – how, scientific knowledge and yet recurrence of pandemics
and epidemics makes us helpless. Philosophy can give us certain insights and holistic approaches in such
a situation. Philosophy urges us to step out of the course of events, enter into the self, come back with a
plan of action and a will to impose that plan of action upon the external world. Philosophy derives
insights from the past masters and make us rethink about our attitude to literature. A period of crisis is a
period full of ‘frictions’ and thought can function properly when there are ‘frictions.’ In overall
‘smoothness’ it cannot function. Philosophy shows us how in society and human life certain positive
factors get transformed to negative factors. It enables us to understand the operations of these factors,
calls for a holistic approach and enables us to go beyond computational rationality.