Industrial Robot for Mankind

  • Kiran Kulkarni , Priyank Nahar


Today Robots are there where job is critical dangers heavy complicated and repetitive say in every field of
science & technology. There are various definitions of robot made by different scholars “ It is defined as
mechanical or electrical or automatic device that performs functions almost similar to human intelligence”.
According to the Robotic Institute of America “A robot is reprogrammable automatic device along with
multifunctional manipulator used to move different kind of material, to different location by giving valid
instruction to robot to do different tasks” According ISO “A reprogrammable, multipurpose automatic
manipulator that programed to works in multi dimension.” Generally any robot are made by Actuator,
Sensors, Manipulators; Power Unit, Control Unit and Software which all work together. Ninety percentages
of modern manufacturing industries use robots. The areas are welding, material, transports, assembly, spray
painting and so on. Robots are having generally four characteristics such as sensing and perception , ability
to carry out different task, reprogrammable, interact with human, Isaac Asimov also called “Father of
Robotics” gives four laws/rules according to them. Robot does not injure human when they are under rules.
Robot obeys the order given to it. By human robot protect its own existence as long as protection cannot
conflict other rules
There are three types of robots
1) Industrial Robot: These play important role in Manufacturing and Processing Industry, Computer Industry
2) Research robot: These are used in research and development activities
3) Educational Robots: These provide Education, Training, and Entertainment to kids and students
In this scientific study we try to understand how Robot can change our life. How they help us. How they make
our life more comfortable. In developing country today they are out of reach to the common people due to the
cost and awareness about science and technology. In developed country Robots are more popular .We make
Honda Asimo, Sofia, Path finder, Curiosity Rover over on mars used in space technology, Chandrayan and so
on. Boston becomes capital for robotics. Robots are used by china to give service to corona COVID-19
infected patient as it is very risky job aim is to keep other people protected from infection. Days are no long
when robots are used to make robots of its own kind I think defiantly good days for robotics that are coming