Study on Occupational Health Hazards of Sanitation Workers

  • Ms.Bindhu Hebzhibah, Dr.Panneerselvam


The working state of sanitation workers stayed unaltered as they utilize just stick brush, bushels and holders and a tin plate. There are lakhs of scroungers in our nation. They are presented to medical conditions because of their occupation. They are presented to contaminations by hand to mouth contact during eating and smoking, through breathing the residue, cuts and wounds in skin. The variable and shaky nature of the work implies that an ever increasing number of labourers are driven into taking up unsafe and problematic business both in the casual economy just as casual work in the conventional division. For these labourers, business not just neglects to achieve a fruitful departure from neediness, it might add to existing weaknesses. The major word related maladies of worry in India are mishaps, silicosis, musculo-skeletal wounds, coal labourers’ pneumoconiosis, constant obstructive lung illnesses, asbestosis, byssinosis, skin related problems, pesticide harming, clamour instigated hearing misfortune and work environment stress. Leptospirosis is a word related ailment as they are presented to contaminated creature release. Gastric disease influences sewage labourers.