Performance Analysis and Power Quality Improvement for Hybrid Renewable Energy Source using Multilevel Inverter

  • Sampathkumar R., Sathish Kumar D., Lalitha B., Revathi R., Gowrishankar A.


Nowadays the usage of electrical system is upgraded. Similarly, all the processing units consume electrical power. In recent days, more number of converters is available for processing the energy. During this energy conversion process, various levels of harmonics are produced. Hence, analysis of the system is essential to identify the problem in traditional methods. The parameter comparison is noticed with respect to the conventional DC-DC Boost converter module. The identification of the problem in the distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM) module is very much essential. The harmonics level and its supply power have been identified and analysed. In order to minimise the harmonics, there is a possibility of reshaping the firing mechanism and the control unit of Multi level inverter. Hence, the proposed hybrid method (solar and wind) is implemented with Developed H-bridge inverter and it can be simulated with the help of MATLAB Simulink. Based on the simulation results, it can be concluded that the Total Harmonic Distortion by the proposed method is reduced compared with the traditional method and performance also improved.