A Study on Organizational Climate of the Selected Sugar Mills in Tamil Nadu



The shared perception of workers who work and live in the organization is the organizational
environment. It is the sum of the views of individuals about the processes, strategies and practices
of organizations. It reflects the organization’s psychological climate consisting of individual views
framed over a period of time on micro events that happen to them as well as those around them. It
is the collection of observable characteristics of the work environment, directly or indirectly
experienced by the participants, affecting their job and satisfaction. Organizational environment
variables form and enhance the understanding of employees regarding organizations and their
work. An atmosphere of cooperation opens the right to use among group members and provides
more productivity with creative individual encouragement to share information within the group
members. In order to improve the economic condition of the country, it is therefore important that
corporate management should aim to establish a friendly organizational environment in
organizations. In earning foreign exchange, the sugar industry plays a conjugal role. Apart from
text tails, the sugar industry is the largest industry in the manufacturing sector, employing a
shortage of qualified & unskilled employees and thousands of technicians. In addition, several
thousands of people are interested in the trade of sugar and the transport of sugar cane. Thus, the
research mainly focuses on the organizational environment of Tamil Nadu’s selected sugar mills