Improving Public Administration by Block Chain Technologies

  • Aleinikova V. Olena, Kravchenko Sergey, Нurochkina Viktoriya, Viktor P. Zvonar, Brechko V. Oleksandr


The article deals with the concept of improving public administration in Ukraine on the basis of blockchain technologies. In order to assess the importance of this technology, its evolution in the world market as well as practice cases of its implementation in public administration of the developed countries were studied. The paper defines the concept of blockchain technology, describes its features and analyses the models that can be used in public administration. Aimed at studying the possibilities of adapting foreign experience in the use of blockchain technologies in the public administration of Ukraine, the use of blockchain in the commercial sector of Ukraine was analysed and successful experience that can be used in developing government programs using blockchain technology was shown.

The peculiarities of launching the Land Cadastre database in Ukraine were considered as an example and the main problems faced by the developers were outlined. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of blockchain technologies in public administration allows to create a basis for the implementation of blockchain technology in Ukraine and its use in public administration.