Recommendations for Implementing Cyber security Controls in Small and Mid-Sized Businesses in India

  • Lumena Mukherjee, Pooja Trivedi and Dhanraj Verma


With the lines between our digital and physical lives getting blurry with every passing day,
cyber attacks have emerged as a prime concern for individuals and businesses alike. Most of us live in
a bubble of denial that if we are a small business, hackers will not target our systems or data. However,
the facts and figures indicate otherwise with more than half the majority feeling helpless to defend
themselves against new forms of cyber-attacks.
As data theft, network breaches, and other forms of security threats keep growing, with attackers
specifically targeting underprepared and often defenseless SMBS, we must use the resources available
wisely, reform our IT policies to include cybersecurity best practices and make best possible use of
available technologies. This paper focuses on understanding the gap by conducting a survey using
various security controls and defining financially viable recommendations to safeguard small and
mid-sized businesses against cyber attacks..