Design and Implementation of Borewell Child Rescue Machine

  • R.Sampathkumar, N.Naveen, M.Sarjun Hallaj, S.R.Sudharson


Bores that delivered water and subsequently got water they're left exposed, exhausted. These bore wells, in turn, began to take the innocent lives of many. Bores that yielded water and water, after being exhausted, they are left exposed. This is because of the landlords and borewell constructors' irresponsibility. The Small children without realising the high capacity hole dug for the slip in and get stuck by Borewell. A suitably strong cap of bright light such incidents can prevent colour to cover the mouth of the bore. We suggested a computer here called the Borewell Child Rescue Computer when one who fell into the borewell to rescue the boy. This computer is capable of getting inside the narrow borewell and finding the child using the camera. After that, it offers oxygen and can interact with the using the help of two-way communication mode in children camera. The flip lock operation begins to start after these processes, operate and serve and grabs the child and pulls out of the borewell safely.