LSTM Model Based Wind Speed Forecasting

  • S. Chandraprabha, C.Dinesh, A.Mohamed Ibrahim, G.Saravanan


 The forecasting of wind speed is significant factor. The wind energy is the hygienic form of fuel that has an effect on global warming and impact on worldwide climate. The perceptions are met on the ground truth that the energy condition of wind speed which is infers an immediate connection to the wind speed. Reliable forecasting of wind speed is much more crucial in the preparation of the electricity grid and the planning of a power system. Especially regression analysis of linear nature and LSTM procedure followed to anticipate one year power generation from wind energy.  The model built with the three years real time data collected from Tamilnadu (Coimbatore).The proposed model encouraging in the perception of ground truth and low contrasted with direct relapse model which is around 2.0448.