Fault Diagnosing Technique For Replacing Damaged Igbt Device In Induction Motor Drive

  • G. Ganesan @ Subramanian, S. Agathiyan, PIDT. Baladuraikannan, B. Ponmudi


This paper presents a substitution of the damaged power device in open and closed loop control for for fault tolerant towards an Induction Motor Drive (IMD). It depends on fuse blown strategy and early recognition of failure of the power device. The auxillary (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) is subbed in each stage and the method actualized is classified "Single Phasing Technique" (SPT). In an Induction motor, the strategy previously utilized was to distinguish short circuits (or) open circuits disappointment in power drives. Be that as it may, there was no substitution had made for damaged component. Fault location must be observed so as to avoid extremely high current during issue time by short circuit of power device. Presently in this paper the damaged power component is substituted in suitable time with appropriate spread time delay and along these lines the drive will run with no interferences and henceforth the following interventions are checked or recognized during transient condition. By taking care of this kind of method, the solid activity can be accomplished for an acceptance engine drive utilizing IGBT. The simulation and exploratory outcomes are acquired so as to approve the procedure proposed.