An Efficient Authentication Scheme for Blockchain - Based Electronic Health Records

  • Jayasudha Subburaj, A.Shobana, P.Keerthana


Block  chain  has  long  been an  important  field  of       science,  and  its applications have  been  used  in  a  range  of  industries.  Likewise,  because  of  protection  and  privacy,  the healthcare  sector  stands  immensely  from  blockchain  technologyThe  data  mining  technique used is a classification algorithm for security purposes, including the Naïve Bayes algorithm and the use of blockchain technology. This paper compares prediction accuracy when the amount of medical attributes used for  prediction  is diminished.  The  proposed  decision support  system is believed to avoid unnecessary diagnosis test  conducted to the patient  and the delay in starting appropriate treatment  by quickly diagnosing  heart  disease  in a  patient. There  by it  saves both money and time.