Perspective view of Cloud Computing Architecture with Internet Technologies for Real Time Applications

  • T.Pradeep, Dr.D.Hariprasad


This paper describes the concept of cloud computing and the key characteristics possessed by it. It also explains the stack of three services provided and the technologies behind it which includes virtualization as prominent. This also outlines the deployment models and security features provided by it. Cloud computing is a technology to share the data and resources used among various organizations, but the security and privacy are most important aspects of cloud computing. The main responsibility of cloud service provider is the quality of service. Many of the cloud computing security frameworks have faced many challenges in security that has not yet been addressed well. The data accessed and shared through many devices from the cloud environment are not secure because they are likely to have various attacks like Identity Access Management (IAM), hijacking an account or a service either by internal/external intruders. In this paper, we proposed a model-driven approach enables of security requirements at the modelling layer and facilitates a transformation based on security configuration patterns.