A Study On Customer Perception, Behavior And Satisfaction Towards The Products Of Lic With Special Reference To Chennai District

  • S. SUTHAKAR, Dr.T.Ragunathan,


In the life insurance sector, LIC is the largest player with approximately. Market share of 65 per cent. But why Indian counsellors do not trust many businesses and why India's largest population does not have a life insurance policy, or what reasons play a major role in buying customer behaviour towards life insurance policies. The insurance industry is therefore large and will continue to grow in the upcoming months. It is necessary for various players in this sector, including regulator and insurance companies, to understand consumer behaviour and what affects buying decisions. These papers are covered customer Perception, Behaviour and satisfaction towards the product of LIC with special reference to Chennai city. The overall objective of this project is to analyze the level of Perception, Behaviour satisfaction among customers in Life Insurance product. This study would enable to the management to know about the level of customer Perception, Behaviour satisfaction and it helps the management, to take corrective actions in areas where the changes are necessary to attract the employees.