Multi-perspective DOS Attack Detection Framework for Reliable Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks based on Trust Factor

  • Dr. D. Stalin David , D. Saravanan


Wireless sensor networks are considered to be used in a variety of applications that require wireless networks to collect data and transmit data. However, with its main limitations of resource constraints, the deployment of WSN in an unattended and critical scenario makes it vulnerable to network security threats. In particular, by selectively dropping packets, selective forwarding degrades the network performance and the hello flood attack is also responsible for flooding a large number of hello request packets over the network 's real nodes, resulting in reduced sensor node availability. In this paper, the Reliable Data Transmission Multi-perspective Trust Factor-based DOS Attack Detection Framework (MTF-DOSADF) proposed to counteract two DOS attacks such as selective forwarding and hello flood attacks in order to maintain maximum performance of the degree of network cooperation. Through the extraction and estimation of multi-dimensional confidence parameters that determine the reliability of sensor nodes in packet forwarding activity, this proposed MTF-DOSADF plays a vital role in accurately detecting DOS attacks. The simulation experiments of the proposed MTF-DOSADF confirmed an improvement rate of 13 percent in throughput and 18 percent reduced energy consumption compared to the current DOS attack detection framework considered for investigation, with 21 percent reduced packet latency.