Implementation of IOT Based Smart Energy Management System in College Campus

  • C.Pazhanimuthu, V.S.Chandrika, I.Baranilingesan, S.Ravindran & P.Praveena


This paper deals with an implementation of an intelligent energy management system in college campuses. This system has a simple way to perform supervision processes anywhere in college. This method operates on real-time monitoring parameters such as current, voltage, power and power factor by recognizing energy use at every moment of time and generates daily consumption reports displayed on the web portal page and an SMS alert.  The proposed program observes the values that are continuously stored in the cloud and controlled through cell phones or computers in real time. This intended method recommends replacing conventional electrical devices with energy-saving devices in order to fulfil the electricity consumption and optimum system execution. The implied system's achievement is confined via the Thingspeak server. The suggested smart devices reduce energy consumption by around 46.64%, reduce expenditure by 30.6% and increase system power factor by about 10 % to 20%.