Social Media Advertisements: An Effective Platform for Purchasing Decision

  • J.Jani Mercybai, Dr.S.Sahayaselvi


Henry Ford the CEO of Ford company coined a statement like “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” Yes, spending money on advertisement is not the waste rather it is economical which boost up the sales volume of manufacturer of products and services. In the present scenario Advertising is one of an important key factors to impulse the users to purchase products and services. Without advertising the manufacturers can’t create awareness towards their products and services among the target audiences.  Social media is a virtual place where the advertisers and users can enable to meet. Today social media advertisements have got increasing growth rate. It provides a global platform for marketers throughout the world. Moreover, they can reach a vast number of audiences to create awareness of their products and services. Social media advertisements are one of the important advertising tools to reach uncountable viewers. Youngsters are more attracted to the social media advertisements compare with elder age group. The data were collected with the help of a questionnaire and Proportionate Random Sampling Technique was used to represent 388 respondents from 28 arts and science colleges in Kanyakumari district. The result of the study indicates that the respondents who are aware of social media advertisements like YouTube gets 4.327 mean score compared to traditional advertisements who gets 3.567 mean score. It is clear that social media advertisements are positively impacted on the purchasing decision of respondents. This paper also suggests that the advertisers could design advertisements carefully and parental guidance notice must be added at before showing an advertisement.