A Smart Aid for Visually Impaired People

  • M. Ruba, S. Senthil


Discourse and text is the fundamental mechanism for human correspondence. An individual needs vision to get to the data in a book. Anyway the individuals who have helpless vision can accumulate data from voice. This task has been worked around Raspberry Pi processor board. It is controlling the peripherals like Camera and Bluetooth headset which go about as an interface between the framework and the client. Optical Character Recognition or OCR is realized in this endeavor to see characters which are then scrutinized out by the system through a Bluetooth. The camera is mounted on scenes; it gets a full viewpoint on the paper into the system. In like manner, when the camera takes the see of the paper, it is ensured that there are worthy lighting conditions. The substance on the paper should be written in English and be of adequate content measurement. Exactly when all of these conditions are met the structure snaps the image, measures it and in case it sees the substance made on the paper it will cover the Bluetooth headset speaker that the substance on the paper has been adequately taken care of. After this it stands up the substance that was changed over in to message design in the framework from handling the picture of the paper. In this manner Raspberry Pi Based Reader for Blind causes a visually impaired individual to peruse a paper without the assistance of any human per user or without the assistance of material composing framework. It likewise accomplishes the impediment shirking by utilizing the ultrasonic sensor and it is educated to the client by vibration detecting strategy. This Project presents a ladies security discovery framework utilizing GPS and IoT module. The framework can be interconnected with the caution framework and alarm the neighbors utilizing cloud. This location and informing framework is made out of a GPS collector, Microcontroller and IoT module. GPS Receiver gets the area data from satellites as scope and longitude.