Design of Reconfigurable Wide Band Pass Filter

  • Syed Husain S., Anusuya S., Susmitha S. R., Srilalitha R., Subasree S., Vigneshwar S.


Reconfigurable filters can provide control over parameters such as frequency, bandwidth and selectivity while reducing the need of number of switches sandwiched between electrical components. In this article, we present a review on design methods for reconfigurable band-pass filters for next generation wireless technologies such as 4G, 5G and IOT. Proposes a method of simultaneous adaptive in band multi –notch filter capacities with  RF multi-functional broad-band band pass filter  We are propose single ring RF multi-functional band pass filter The proposed system shows that small size The structure is small in the RF multifunctional band passfilter Antenna properties was improved for example bandwidth efficiency noise reduced.  This results in-band stopbands with reconfigurable bandwidth, filtering-profile type and attenuation level,. The main aim is less area requirements when comparing to existing system. RF band pass filter size was reduced. Single ring was used. Improve to antenna properties .The new design methods of microwave filter has proved its significance for use in wireless communication systems.