Dedifferentiation And Redifferentiation Attempts In Withania Somnifera

  • Shalabh Gupta, Anil Kumar , Harshvardhan Gaur


The Withania somnifera is a medicinal herbaceous plant and has been explored extensively for the
extraction of alkaloids having medicinal properties. Various growth regulating conditions were worked
out in Withania somnifera. In the present work for dedifferentiation and redifferentiation an array of
growth hormones were used. For callus formation NAA and KN combination was found to be most
suitable in 10:1. For redifferentiation leaf primordial formation was observed maximum in 0.6 ml/L
BAP. The shoot formation was observed in 0.5 ml/L Kinetin and in 4:1 ratio of NAA + BAP. The root
formation was observed to be maximum in 20:1 NAA + K.