A Study On Customer Satisfaction And Service Quality In Hotel Industry With Reference To Nilgiri Mountain Range Hotels

  • S. Bernard Edward Swamidoss, Dr. G.VENKATESAN,


Consumer loyalty is the key driver for any association to continue in ebb and flow serious period. Specialist co-ops need to comprehend their clients and structure their administrations in such a way that most extreme conceivable fulfilment is achieved by the client. The motivation behind the present investigation is to gauge consumer loyalty and administration quality in the lodgings of Nilgiri Mountain Range Hotels. The study will likewise give different proposals to the clients in order to make their administrations more proficient and viable. For directing the review an all around organized Questionnaire is utilized to gather essential information from the respondents. The example size for the examination is 200 Sample fluctuation and certainty techniques are utilized for Determining test size. Straightforward arbitrary examining strategy has been embraced by the scientist to gather the information. Based on results 40 % of the respondents are exceptionally happy with wellbeing and security of the inn while 20 % are exceptionally disappointed with the area of the inn. With the each characteristic the level of fulfilment changes, along these lines clarifying that clients rate their fulfilment in an unexpected way with each and every property .at long last it has been demonstrated that the consumer loyalty in the hotels are high.