M-Denclue for Effective Data Clustering in High Dimensional Non-Linear Data

  • Dr.R.Nandhakumar


Clustering is a data mining task devoted to the automatic grouping of data based on mutual similarity. Clustering in high-dimensional areas is actually a recurrent issue in lots of domain names. It impacts period difficulty, space intricacy, scalability and precision of clustering strategies. High-dimensional nonlinear data usually live in various low dimensional subspaces concealed in the initial space. As high‐dimensional objects show up almost as well, new methods for clustering are needed. These studies have centered on producing Mathematical versions, methods and clustering methods particularly intended for high‐dimensional info. The harmless development inside the areas of conversation and technology, presently there is usually huge development in high dimensional data areas. As the variant of sizes upon high dimensional nonlinear info rises, various clustering methods start to have problems with the curse of dimensionality, de-grading the standard of the outcomes. In high dimensional nonlinear info, the info turns into extremely rare and range steps turn into progressively worthless. The principal problem for clustering high dimensional data is usually to conquer the “curse of dimensionality”. This study specializes in creating an improved algorithm to get clustering large dimensional nonlinear data.