Corona and Efforts for Media Literacy Education

  • Nader Shahamat , Davarpanah Ali, Mirshakari Banafsheh, Kamandardar Mohammad


The number of media audiences in Iran is increasing over time, and pupils and students, teachers and faculty members have become 100% media audiences in the Coronavirus crisis, and with home quarantine, a significant part of day and night has spent to media.

Media encompasses all the aspects of life, and people's life is tied to the media. Considering different dimensions of this phenomenon and recognizing its opportunities and threats is essential. From an expert point of view, it can be said that using any tools requires its related knowledge, and media literacy enables the audience to interpret and analyze media messages as a thoughtful activist and to use media services properly. The present study aimed to examine the role of media literacy in optimizing the audiences' use of media and encourage them to strengthen their media literacy.

Using media literacy, audiences will be able to produce and process the information and then they will be empowered in analyzing scientific, health, political, social, economic, and media messages.