Presenting a Model for Segmentation, Ranking, and Identification of the Behavioral Patterns of Banking Industry Customers Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Mohammad paridari, Hassan saberi , Zainolabedin amini, Ehsan sadeh


The study used artificial intelligence algorithms for segmentation, ranking, and identification of customer behavior patterns in banking industry and tried to design and present a proper model to identify and rank bank customers given the large volume of customer information in the databases of banks. The study considered the transaction data of Bank Refah Kargaran customers as the population and the transactions performed from September 23, 2018 to March 20, 2019 were selected as the sample. Then preprocessing was done on them and data modeling was done to segment and rank customers using K-means and Self-Organizing Map (SOM) algorithms. Ultimately, the rules governing the relationships between customers' clusters and account types were discovered using Apriori algorithm.