Identification of Barriers of International Collaborations in the Period of Sanctions; A Case Study of Import of “Charging Motorcycle” between Iran, China and Dubai

  • Ahmad Khani , Hasan boudlaei, Albert boghosian


Given the existing international conditions and the economic sanctions curbing various types of transactions with Iran, the trade between Iranian merchants and other countries in some cases has become impossible. Therefore, the goal of current essay is identification of the barriers of the international cooperations during the period of sanctions focusing on a case study of the import of the “charging motorcycle” between Iran, China and Dubai. The method of present study is qualitative. The statistical population of the present research was the merchants of the market of Kish Island and the academic elites among whom 13 subjects have taken part in the research based on the purposeful snow ball sampling. The data have been collected through the interview. Content analysis is used to analyze the collected data. The results showed that the most important barriers before the international cooperations of China and Dubai with Iran in the era of sanctions consist of political barriers, currency barriers, legal barriers, tariff barriers, administrative barriers and marketing barriers.