Realism and Religion; Realism in Cinema as an Expressive Capacity in Relation to Religious Concepts

  • Vahid Hayati


Although cinema among other artistic media has more capability in converying the sense of reality to the audience, the reality that is presented in the film is basically different from the reality that exists in the world outside the film. Cinematic reality is more rooted in internal recreation of the filmmaker instead of being originated in outside world and finally it is the manifestation of a reality that the filmmaker has abstracted from the outside world. In the present research we seek to analyze and evaluate reality in cinema by a descriptive-analytic method referring to various ideas and theories. In doing so, we also intend to assay the place of religion in the medium of cinema via an analysis of the intellectual foundations and philosophical ideas and theories concerning the discussion of realism and reality in cinema. Our theoretical studies as well as evaluation of examples of this kind show that given the features of religion and realist cinema, this cinema as we can see in some films has an appropriate capacity for exhibition of religious themes.