Investigation of Optimization of The Speed of The Working Parts of a Rotor Spinning Machine

  • Korabayev Sherzod Ahmadjonovich, Meliboyev Umarjon Xaydarovich, Boboyev Utkirbek Abdullajonovich, Rakhimberdiyev Dilmurod Obidkhon ugli


The article examines the devices that affect the process of yarn production on an OE spinning machine. It has also been studied that densifiers and twist distributors depend on the properties of the yarns being formed, the diameter of the spinning rotor, and the linear density of the yarn. It was analyzed that different funnels and torque stops have a different effect on the stability of spinning and yarn quality in the process of yarn formation. To introduce a new intensifier into the spinning process, full-factor experiments were conducted to modify the machine parameters, and regression equations were constructed. The adequacy of the obtained equations was checked using the Fisher criterion. Through the interrelationships of the regression equations of the mathematical model seen, the velocity of the camera and the discrete drum, the significance of the number of twists and the effect of the value of each factor on the torsional inequality were determined.