An Efficient MPPT Controller for Variable Frequency Drives in Water Pumping System

  • Ms. Lalitha B, Nidyadarsanaa S, Pavithra N, Shalini K, Shanmati V S


The fundamental point of this venture is to plan an ease and profoundly proficient "MPPT Controller for VFD" for water siphoning applications. The converter circuits particularly DC-DC converters are constrained by Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) regulators to extricate most extreme force from the source. This paper talks about a plan and recreation of a proficient Interleaved Boost Converter (IBC) with Perturb and Observe (P&O) calculation for water siphoning applications. The principle preferred position of proposed Interleaved Boost Converter(IBC )is that the voltage worry over all the dynamic switches is half of the information voltage before turn on and additionally after mood killer when the working obligation beneath half. The exchanging misfortunes are limited as capacitor charging and releasing relies upon the turn upon and turn off activity of the switches. This makes the proposed IBC to work with higher effectiveness and higher exchanging recurrence. Since the IBC works with higher exchanging recurrence, the proposed IBC has a higher advance down transformation proportion, lower exchanging misfortunes and littler yield current wave contrasted and the traditional IBC. This model converters works at an information voltage scope of 38-45V which produces yield of 12V/1.9A.Since Variable recurrence Drives (VFD) is utilized in this application for speed alteration, it can modify the speed of the air conditioner engine to a suitable level by changing the recurrence utilizing VFD.