Design of Smart Power System

  • Muthunivedha R., Pragadhe S., Susma S., Tharunika S. & Ms Revathi R.


The main motive of the Smart Power System is to conserve energy in this modern world. Electricity plays a vital role in today’s world, at the same time conservation of electricity is also very much important as it needed for future use. The Smart Power System helps to monitor the power consumed at each phase; the data is stored and updated meanwhile. It identifies the fault when overload occurs and controls it automatically. The data of both monitoring and identifying the fault is stored. By the application of Internet of Things, the stored data is notified to the public. This method is designed to track the power consumption of any electrical devices or appliances across powerful and real-time wireless networks. The sensor is designed to feel the current and voltage. By using the measured voltage and current, power can be computed. Control characteristics are put away in the database of cloud data along with the system giving the user the notification of the power consumed status and producing the datasheet.