Fractal-Cell Smart Topology Bandwidth Allocation Model (FAST-BAM)

  • Himanshu Verma, Vikas Sejwar


IPv6 address data could be providing research and submissions for the next generation network for video conferencing, online gaming, and live streaming. It is important to achieving higher efficiency and reliability of the network to provide the best-effort path as well as fast data transmission between nodes to the node. Network topology takes a perilous outcome no its dependability and efficiency over the network protocols. According to the complexities of the network, how a secure and productive network can be built a topological model based on the software approach is the captivating and substantial experiments. We proposed a network model that is inspired by the multi-scale model based on the fractal-cell network, has operational cell correspondence with primeval structure and progresses a model that provides dynamic topology link switching called FAST-BAM. Our network model equated with prevailing approaches and accomplishment on real network demonstration that our suggested technique operative over the SAM, MAM, RDM.