Design and Implementation of Wireless AMI Network for Smart Grid using OPNET Riverbed

  • Tejaskumar Bhatt, Chetan Kotwal, Nirbhay Kumar Chaubey


The Smart grid is a vital part of the electric power system that is employed for the facility of knowledge technology to showing intelligence carry energy to the consumers by usingthe two-way communication. The smart grid, there are a unit variety of workable meters that area unit interconnected for the data flows in two- way manner. The smart Grid has the most goals for the active the participants of punters for the advance excellence and responsibility   for energy consumption to lose energy feeding and assume cumulative responsibility as communication between energy meters and clients. Basically, The AMI (Advance Meter Infrastructure) is a network infrastructure with various kind of smart meters connected in distributed system. This AMI desires with without wired communication technology for relay data from the server as center to the smart meters.  Here, OPNET (Optimized Network Engineering Tool) modeler is a simulation tools which is used for examination of the communication networks. Herewith in this paper, there are various kind of simulation  network  as  copies  of variousdesignedof SMsystem or networks are created with various network constraints used  and they are connected with the different communication network as wireless and wired network for  the  find  out  the  data  are  transported to the sever  with  traditional knowledge of data transmission and  attempt  to  novelty  out  the perceive of DDoS attack  to  the  AMI  network  and it has been distribute the  approval  to  the  adjacentperiod  of the AMI network where seepage weird tasks handled  by  supply  companies.  The result   of this paper is proposal for long lasting smart meter AMI network creator thus on avoid unpleasant encounters part by a number of the deliverycompanies.