Effect of Specific Fitness Training Programme on Selected Skills Performances of Footballers

  • Thounaojam Sushil Singh, Dr. Jogiswar Goswami


 The purpose of the study is to find the Effect of specific training program on selected skills performance of footballers (N=20), aged ranged 13-16 years). The fitness training program was administered for 12 weeks. The fitness program consisted for development of various variables such as speed, agility, endurance and explosive strength of arm, abdomen, and leg. Pre and post training data were collected by Warner Soccer Test for dribbling and lofted kick left and right and for throw in standing squared throw-in was used. Statistically analysed by employing paired T test at the significance level of 0.05. The obtained result indicated that the subjects have improved in the performance on dribbling, throw-in, and lofted kick by both left and right legs. As the P<0.05 for all selected skills variables such as right foot lofted kick, left foot lofted kick, dribbling and throw-in therefore can conclude that the structured 12 weeks fitness training program may help to improve in the performance of  dribbling throw-in, lofted kick by both left and right.