Design of Semitransparent Photovoltaic Cells

  • Dr.A.Karthick, S.Santhosh, J.V.Shyam Vivin, B.Selvaganapathy & M.Suryaprakash


Vitality is fundamental for monetary turn of events and development. With the quick development of improvement and the drive to grow the economy, society requests greater power. Sun based vitality is the most productive technique for vitality catch in nature. The financial drive to make sun based cells more practical and effective has driven advancements in various statement advances, including plunging, plating, thick film affidavit and slender film testimony. Ordinarily, all together for sunlight based vitality to work effectively and flexibly vitality to a structure, a lot of room is required, as housetops or land, so as to introduce sun oriented boards; these sun powered board space necessities are a huge obstacle to functional use. This downside drove specialists to think of straightforward sun powered cells, which tackles the issue by transforming any sheet of glass into a photovoltaic sun based cell.