A study on the Relationships between the Colonial Government of Assam and the Satras of Majuli

  • Krishna Kalita


The satras are one of the most influential product of the Neo-Vaishnavite movement of Assam, led by Sankardeva in the later part of the 15th century. Since its inception, the Satras have been maintaining a cordial relationship with the state. The Satras were granted huge extent of revenue free land by the medieval Ahom rulers of Assam which was one of the primary mater of interest for the Satras of Assam. The most influential Satras of Assam are still located in the Majuli island of Assam. These Satras also always tried to maintain an effective relation with the medieval Ahom rulers as well as British colonial government, later on. Hence, in this paper the author tries to highlight the nature of relationship between the Colonial government of Assam and the Satras of Majuli.