Crash Detection and Rescue System for Vehicles

  • S.Vivekanandan, Kamaludeen J., Sriram T., Saravana Kumar V. & Shabareeshan M.


Most of the survey in healthcare industries says that nearly sixty percent of deaths caused by accidents in remote areas are due to a delay in rescue. This delay is higher in rural areas due to inadequate means for emergency systems to intimate accident. Therefore, healthcare companies need a proper network to communicate the incident to ambulance in remote areas as soon as the accident happens. This issue can be minimized to a full extent in our project by a framework in which the intimation is conducted as soon as an accident happens successful information processing technology. In rural areas only strangers intimate the accidents. The strangers do not show personal interest nowadays in helping victims. But there is no need to rely on stranger in this project and intimation is provided directly from our computer. And you will stop the inevitable loss of life.