Design and Implementation of Smart GIL System

  • P.Nithika, R.Sujitha, P.Vannatharini & Dr.V.S Chandrika


The project is about building a smart GIL network for smart cities. Smart Cities face energy use, waste management and water conservation challenges. The role of garbage collection system, intelligent irrigation system, and smart street lighting system is incorporated into a single system, namely a smart GIL system, and operated by a single controller. This machine output can be controlled at a standard control room. In the cell phone the data can also be tracked using IoT. The program eliminates man power and behaves smart when it comes to holding smart cities. Garbage collection program shows the amount of dustbin available. Irrigation device is used to water the plants by calculating the soil moisture content. In a specific control room, the availability level of the dustbin, motor ON/OFF irrigation system, and light ON / OFF state with day / night indication will be displayed. These data are transmitted through serial communication to the cloud server, and can be accessed in a mobile application.