Analysis of Tall buildings with Different Structural Systems

  • Indrajeet M. Jain, Snehal T. Sanap , Jayesh P. Chaudhari


The concept for the development of new structural system is based on the stiffness & lightness of tall buildings under evolution. Structural systems are more efficient now and this is significantly influenced by its geometrical configuration.  With the aspect of efficiency in structure & architectural planning flexibility, diagrid structural system in tall building is a tool implemented with ease. And diagrid system is evolution of braced tube structure. As a resistance by means of stiffness for the lateral forces acting on the structures, outrigger structural system gives the best outcome. A review paper is presented discussing the effectiveness of diagrid structural system over outrigger structural system. A 32 storey building of floor plan 30×25m with diagrid and outrigger structural system is presented. Diagrid structural system having uniform angle and optimum position of outrigger are studied. Resulting diagrid structure and outrigger structure are assessed under gravity, earthquake and wind loads. Lastly, analysis result like displacement, storey drift, storey shear and time period of all models are compared. Optimum range of angles in diagrid and optimum position of outrigger studied with the outcome that regular diagrid structure proofs effective than regular outrigger structure.