Bisty - The Department Assistant

  • Prajakta D. Chaudhari, Shivani S. Gole , Nikita K. Jagtap, Sonal Bramhe, Alpana P. Adsul


Information retrieval is the process of getting data from database and updating the data with current information. A speech recognizer is an intricate device that responds to human speech. Student Information Management System (SIMS) provides a simple interface for maintenance of student information. It can be used by educational institutes or colleges or even by student to maintain the records of students easily. The proposed work aims to provide security through voice recognition. The framework enables just approved users to access data; by this we can get protection and security. Users can ask their help addresses like time, date and climate and find solution to the inquiries. In this we are making an attempt to develop a voice authenticated student database display system. Audio input is provided to system, asked information related to student will be either in tabular or graphical form. NLP is applied to find out answer of question asked by departmental assistant from excel sheet.