Investigation of Various Types of Passive Solar Cooling Systems in the Optimal Energy Performance in the Building

  • Mehdi Mehrabi, Mehrdad Hajian Zeidy, Razieh Ghadarjani, Mohamad Mehdi Vatandoost, Sajad Jalilian


 Passive cooling systems are designed to reduce or eliminate electrical and mechanical cooling equipment, mainly in areas where building cooling is an important issue in summer. Therefore, cooling and air conditioning is one of the main and most expensive problems of modern advanced buildings in many areas, especially temperate and humid areas. According to research, approximately 40% of all energy production in developed societies is spent on the construction sector, most of which is related to air conditioners. This article uses a descriptive-library method to investigate the types of passive solar cooling systems in the optimal energy performance in the building and in this regard, in order to save energy in buildings, the use of passive solar cooling systems is discussed.