Evaluation of Nailing Method Based on Scheduling and Economic Factors with Other Methods of Soil Nailing

  • Maziar Hamedani, Hydar Dashti Naserabadi


In construction workshops, excavation is one of the necessary operations that in some cases causes an accident at the workshop site. An accident such as a drift of the ground, a fall and, if excavated in urban areas, it may destroy buildings adjacent to the excavation, so as to avoid possible dangers of excavation, structures called retaining structures are used. Launching excavation operations requires the use of arrangements during, before and after work that can be used to prevent incidents.

In this research, in the beginning it has been tried to introduce the common methods of excavation and retaining structures in general. In the following, an overview of each of the methods is presented and their advantages and disadvantages are examined technically and from the engineering perspective.

Finally, according to researches and studies, we concluded that due to the possibility of concurrency and applicability for a variety of soils, soil protection by Nailing method compared to other common methods is currently one of the best methods in terms of time and economics to protect excavations with a high depth.

The results of the study show that the frequency of Nailing method in deep excavations has the most average than other protection methods in terms of Scheduling and economic factors and according to t test all hypotheses are valid.

Analysis of the first to sixth hypotheses showed that the Nailing method currently used in the statistical population designated for this research is the most economical method for protecting the excavation, given that the lowest score in the Scheduling variable is 10 and the highest score is 24, the average score obtained in this variable were 14.13 and their standard deviation was 3.56. For Scheduling, regarding the sensitivity of the tested excavations to accelerate the protection of the excavation walls to prevent the inevitable dangers of the wall, The Nailing method is also pioneering in comparison with other methods.

In the case of economic factors, the lowest score in the economic variables is equal to 22, and the highest score in the variable is 40, the average score obtained in this variable is 29.80 and the standard deviation is 29, consequently In terms of economic factors, Nailing is effective.