Determinants Affecting Customers’ Satisfaction and Loyalty: A Case Study of Logistics Companies in Dong Nai Province

  • Phan Thanh Tam, Phan Dang Ngoc Yen Van, Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy


Nowadays, the company is to evaluate an advanced field of competition, such as logisticsservices. Every day, companies improve the quality and reliability of customers for theirservices. A few economists have already said: You cannot improve it if you don't have metrics ofthe service you are doing, which means that companies have to measure and get the quality ofour logistics services objectively before our service improvements and perfection taken to newheights. Therefore, the authors surveyed 650 customers related to logistics service from January2020 to July 2020. The research results showed that six factors affect customer satisfactionbased on logistics services at logistics companies in Dong Nai province. Research results arecrucial scientific evidence for logistics service managers to improve logistics services.