Changing Pattern of Population Growth and Present Status of Population Distribution in Asansol; A Geographical Analysis

  • Gobindo Paul, Uttamkumarpatra, Jibanbandhu Gayak, Khalid Raja Khan, Subhajit Sinha, Arup Sen


Since time immemorial, population growth has its direct effect on environmental degradation via over exploitation of water and natural resources. Population growth has played a key role on the physical as well as socio-economic conditions of any places. Being one of the important Metropolitan cities and second largest cities in West Bengal, it is absolutely essential to know the pattern of population growth and its spatial variation in Asansol. So, the main objective of the present study is to evaluate the temporal variation of population growth and spatial distribution of population densities in Asansol subdivision. From the study it has been evaluated that the total population of this subdivision has been increased throughout the decades from 1901 to 2011 and there are lot of ups and downs in the trend2 of population growth rate. Among the 7 places, Asansol Municipal Corporation has taken almost the first places both in the spatial variation of population growth rate and population density according to 2011 census data. Being the central point of this subdivision and also being the administrative head, Asansol Municipal Corporation has huge population density as well as high rate of population growth rate among the other place of this subdivision. However, due to the continuous decrease in the population growth rate in the last few decades, it can be assumed that the population growth rate of this subdivision will continue to decline over the next decade.