Framework for performance analysis of Home Subscriber Server

  • Sriraksha H R, Sriraksha H R


 In order to evaluate the performance of the mobile networks it is necessary to consider subscriber data management of the LTE subscriber. Home Subscriber Server (HSS)  being  the main core of the  IP multimedia subsystem   (IMS), responsible of handling the subscriber related data. This paper presents few major  robustness scenario which causes the performance degradation of the HSS. Framework is developed to analyze the performance and to automate steps involved in analyzing the performance. One major robustness scenario is HSS blade power consumption during the different loads, since power reports of the blades are routinely used to monitor and to set the point of reference to evaluate the performance of the HSS. Therefore, these measurements must be accurate for network escalation and time to summon the Power consumed must be quick. This paper presents power measurements of the LTE networks by using iLO processor. Few more  scenarios which causes the failure in HSS are, interface delay in Hardware Security Model (HSM)  LAN and Light weight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) LAN. Simulation of LTE networks is simulated  through proprietary traffic generator tools