Cultural Management Practices of High Valued Varieties of Chrysanthemum

  • Anita D. Mante


An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of three (3) levels of fertilizer (recommended rate 100-30-60, slow released fertilizer 18-6-8, and vermi compost + FPJ) on the growth and floral yield of three (3) high valued varieties of chrysanthemum (Yellow chrysanthemum, white chrysanthemum and lilac chrysanthemum) A total of nine (9) treatment combinations was laid out in factorial randomized complete block design with three (3) replication. Result showed that white chrysanthemum fertilized with slow release fertilizer (18-6-8) was the tallest plant with widest leaf area index and plant spread, highest dry matter yield and return of investment. early to bud initiation, shortest days to produce flowers, early to obtained 50% flowering, shortest days in flowering duration, more primary and secondary branches per plant and widest floral  diameter , followed by the recommended rate (100-30-60), while those fertilized with  vermi compost + fermented plant juice (FPJ) had the shortest plant , delayed floral opening due to late bud initiation, smaller flower size, and produced few branches, , had a shortest shelf life of garland and duration of flowers and  the lowest percentage of return  of investment (ROI).