A Comparative Study of Keyword Searching on XML Trees Using Compact Tree Indexing and XR Tree Indexing

  • Swapna JawariKapisha, G. Vijaya Lakshmi


Keyword Searching on XML documents have been in use as it is used to store both structured and Semi Structured data. The beauty of XML is that it can store multi data types in  a single document and allows you to link the documents. To be user friendly in querying XML documents without being aware of the format or tags or structure of XML documents, has been in demand with the advent of the digital revolution. There has been extensive research done retrieving efficient results for keyword search in XML documents. For efficient search results, primarily a good index structure is needed which is the basis for index traversal time and query processing time. In this paper, we would like to highlight the usage of compact tree index structures which helps in decreasing the query processing time to retrieve the keywords and also helps in maintaining a low index file in terms of storage. Also, it was proved experimentally that the time taken by our approach is lesser than the XML Region(XR) Tree Index Structures.