Identifying the Factor of Flat Organizational Structure as One of the Main Indices in Designing a Postmodern Organizational Model with Emphasis on the Role of Factors Influencing the Development of the Market Share of the Refah Kargaran Bank

  • Mohammad Hadi Veisi, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Moshref Javadi


Today, due to the rapid changes in the market of goods and services, there is a need for a highly flexible organizational model with which the organization can adapt to changes in the environment. With regard to this issue, the author decided to design a postmodern organizational model with an emphasis on the role of factors affecting the development of the market share of theRefahKargaran Bank.In this study, to design a postmodern organizational model capable of development of the market share of theRefahKargaran Bank, the author tried to review and carry out this research-related work both quantitatively and qualitatively,in which first step should be identifyingthe desired effective factors as the main indicesof this model.Therefore, one of the factors being studied by the author is the design of the flat organizational model. This research is applied in terms of purpose, and non-experimental survey and analytical descriptive in terms of research method. To collect the research data, the library method and note taking from books were used. In the qualitative method, to collect data, the author dividedstaff into three categories of bosses, deputies and employees, and for this reason, using the heterogeneous method offering 30 people for each group, a total of 90 people was selected by stratified sampling method and interviewed, and after the interview, the received answers were coded as a five-choice Likert-scale answer sheet. In the quantitative method, the author used the Cochran's formula to determine the sample size of the 9950-people statistical population, for which the sample size was obtained 478 people. Then, the author collected the data using a questionnaire designed based on the Likert scale. Since the answers obtained in quantitative and qualitative methods were coded as the Likert scale and they were five-choice having more response choices than the two-choice scales and the sample size in the qualitative method had three classes, Chi-square method and distribution matching were used to determine the parametric or normal nature of the data, confirming their parametric nature.In addition,using the item discrimination method, the validity of the questionnaire in the quantitative methodand the coding scale of the answers in the qualitative method were examined and confirmed, and then using the Cronbach's alpha method, their reliability was investigated and finally confirmed; However, in the quantitative method to determine the reliability and fit of the model designed based on confirmatory factor analysis, AMOS software was used, confirming the reliability and fit of the model. In the qualtitative method, the main index identified using grounded theory method and univariate analysis of covariance test was the design of the flat organizational structure in designing the postmodern organizational model effective in developing the market share of theRefahKargaran Bank. In the quantitative method, the aboveindex was determined as the main index in the study of the structural model using the confirmatory factor analysis, and organizational model was also designed using the structural equation modeling approach and AMOS graphic software.