Home Made Food Delivery System

  • Shanmuga Velayutham A, Akash M , Boopalan G , Karthikeyan R , Prabu P


            A Home-Made Food Delivering System is proposed here where it simplifies the home food ordering process. This proposed system has an interface which has the menu that has all available home foods. Even though lot of foods and variety of dishes are available in hotels and restaurants everywhere the demand and audience for home food always exists. Instead of giving orders to the hotel we will be sending the orders to the women who are ready to take it from home and offer customers the fresh and tasty home-made foods. The reason behind this shifting is to encourage and support new women entrepreneurs in the town and to serve fresh and healthy food to the customers. In addition to this we are providing an employment opportunity to the job seekers by offering them the job of delivery boy. The willing person can register himself in the site by providing necessary details with proper reference. The orders will be taken in a queue order and stored in the database. Once the customer places the order, the order details will be shared to delivery boy and home-based hotel. The delivery boy will collect the food once it is ready and will quickly deliver it to the concern customer