Energetic Characteristics Of The Process Of Adsorption Of Benzene In Zeolites Nax And Nay

  • E. B.Abdurakhmonov, F.G. Rakhmatkarieva , O. K. Ergashev , G. M. Ochilov


A comparative adsorption-calorimetric study of the adsorption processes occurring in type X and Y zeolites used in the petrochemical industry for the drying and purification of hydrocarbons was carried out, and complete precision thermodynamic parameters were obtained for the adsorption of benzene, selected as a probe molecule, by NaX and NaY zeolites. A correlation was found between the adsorption-energy characteristics and the crystal-chemical structure of adsorbents, and the molecular mechanism of adsorption, localization, conformation, and state of ion-molecular clusters in the matrix of zeolites NaX and NaY were established