Performance Evaluation Of Localization Algorithm For Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Mr. Kailas P. Tambe , Dr. G. Krishna Mohan


Localization may be a significant and important issue for research in wireless sensor networks (WSN). static sensor networks are focused on by most localization schemes. Mobile sensors therefore allowed the acquisition of all relevant data in some applications. As such, mobile sensor networks require a localization scheme to watch moving nodes during this transcript, while using range measurement to locate the network we explore the position error behavior regarding network setup and measurement noise. A scheme for Localization is suggested, nodes that are normal without position information can determine their own position information by collecting location-conscious nodes i.e. anchor nodes and regular single-hop nodes with estimated position of anchor nodes. Therefore, using the proposed solution to scale back energy consumption with minimal network localization error, because it's important to deal with the stress of future wireless networks. Simulation tests show that in many mobility models and moving speeds the localization error in the scheme proposed is smaller comparing to previous schemes.