Chronological Review of Technology Use in Indian Banking Domain An Evolutionary Study of Technology Use in Indian Banking Domain [A Study of ICT Evolution in Indian Banking Domain]

  • Bharati V. Yelikar , Dr.Sachin A.Kadam


India represents one of the largest banking infrastructures in the world. There have been a tremendous growth and diversification in Indian banking domain since independence. The country’s economic liberalization initiatives in late 1980’s and early 1990’s exposed the Indian banking domain to world competition. With the time, the concept of internet banking has got attention in the Indian context. Most of the banks have already implemented the e-banking facilities, as these facilities are beneficial to both i.e. banks as well as consumers. The banks are facing many challenges and many opportunities are available with the banks. Many financial innovations like ATMs, credit cards, RTGS, debit cards, mobile banking etc. have completely changed the face of Indian banking. Thus, there is a paradigm shift from the seller's market to buyer's market in the industry and finally it affected at the banker’s level to change their approach from "conventional banking to convenience banking" and "mass banking to class banking”. So, in our study we are going to discuss regarding the banking system with their effect in current world.