Lean based framework for implementing engineering curriculum to reduce educational waste and increase educational value

  • Sunny Nanade , Dr. Sachin Lal


It is difficult to develop an education system, which represents and has a pace to match with the industrial practice. There is also a hearing about the software industry's skills shortage and the difference between what is taught in college and what is required in the "real world." This transcript shows how we developed a college program that reduces this gap, giving students the required skills for careers in software engineering for industries. We include explanations of the program's evolution and development, which focuses on the strategies, tools and problems that appear in a modern team's professional developer's daily life. Also, we illustrate how our aligning 4QS method of teaching with the lean principles of software delivery has allowed us to improve the learning curriculum by delivering high-quality, consistent learning experiences. The research’s findings take the lessons learned form, and can be used as guidelines for those trying to build a teaching system on their own and strategies for effective curriculum learning to increase the quality of education.